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19 Female, East Coast Hoodrat
Overweight and Confident.

Mexican Food, Old Music, Old Cartoons, Sweet Tea, Holding Hands, Marina & the Diamonds, Drawing, Oversized tees, Singing Loud, Friendship Bracelets, Tanned Skin, Octopus', Gumball Machines, Purple Lilacs, Dresses, Curvy Women, Mascara, Curly Hair, Bandannas, Holograms, Winter Time, Painted Nails, Watching Movies, Taking Pictures, Staring At The Sky, Lava Lamps, Oranges, Star Wars, Romantic Novels, My Cat Photo Collection, Blue Jeans, Cold Showers, Eggrolls, Sidewalk Chalk, Stickers, Waiting In Lines, The Beatles, and Raindrops Falling On My Face .

I will post pictures, a diary entry every now and then , but mostly pictures i like. If you don't like what I post, Screw you buddy.
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